New 2017 Program: FAMILY KARATE – parents and kids practice together

At the end of 2016 we did a pilot trial testing to introduce new program FAMILY KARATE. That prove to be a great success. The FAMILY KARATE program is intended to have Kids and Parents practice Karate same time together. That made parents – children bonds more tighter and develop a deeper relationship with parents while both having fun (and not only fun) by practicing Karate together. That also helps Children to improve in Karate (respect, discipline, self defense, health etc) while Parents have a good workout to maintain their Health.

All who are interested to join that program can do that Tuesday and Thursday from 7.20 pm until 8.40 pm. We chose hours and schedule carefully to accommodate better time requirements for both parents who come from work (not too early) and kids who needs to go to sleep on time (not too late).

We hope to see you at our FAMILY KARATE program soon.

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