Chief Instructor – Oleg Raileanu


The Chief Instructor Oleg Raileanu, has been the Suiken Bugeikai representative in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova (an Eastern European Country located between Romania and the Ukraine) since March of 2003.

While teaching in Moldova, Oleg’s students won several national championship tournaments in their respective divisions and performed at various martial arts festivals and demonstrations to help popularize the art of Shorin-ryu Matsumura Seito Karate throughout the country.

In May of 2007 he immigrated with his family to Canada and settled in Toronto, Ontario.


In Canada Oleg is working with different not-for-profit organizations to establish some reliable Okinawan Karate training.

His Canadian students won at several Ontario Provincial championships as well they won medals at various tournaments.

Oleg’s main goal is to help to educate his students to become better persons, which is ultimate goal of Traditional Karate. It is not violence etc, it is person perfection.

Assistant Instructor – Stanislav Stoitchkov


Stanislav started his Shorinryu training in September of 2010. He had some previous Karate training back home in Bulgaria. He shown a perseverance and willing to continue training even after some accidental (non Karate) injuries and show the true Budo character. He is highest ranked student (Black Belt) in the dojo now and assistant instructor (volunteer).




Assistant Instructor – Alvin Atanelli

Alvin_Atanelli_1kyu_brownAlvin started his Karate training in January of 2009, when he was 6 years old. He is the longest practicing student in our dojo now. He won impressive amount of medals at various Ontario tournaments (including official Ontario championships), but his main focus is on Traditional Karate. He was promoted this year (2018) to Junior Black Belt and was officially appointed as assistant instructor (volunteer) for Kids program.



Kids & Family Programs Coordinator – Nika Secrieru


Nika is our volunteer Kids & Family Programs Coordinator. Her extensive experience in the field of education works for the benefit of our young students and their families. Back home she was an excellent school teacher with many achievements. She is a very important part of our team, she act like the liaison between our club and our students families.