Fees and Memberships


(from September 4, 2019)

*** First training session – FREE ***


Fees and payments

  • Annual term: $450
  1. First time only  – Uniform and mouth guard free.
  2. No admission fee.
  3. Family discount (if apply).


  • Month by month (monthly): $50 (paid bi-monthly)


  • Re-registration Fee: $50 – it will be charged only in case you stop training and want to resume it (if we have available spot), for example you skipped one 2 months term or more. Exceptions apply


  • Single (one) Session Fee: $15


  • Private Session Fee  – 1 hour (location and schedule must be discussed with Instructor): $50


  • Equipment: $300.00 (Uniform, 2 additional belts (red and blue), Gloves, Shin pad, Mouth Guard, Chest Guard, Groin guard). In case if uniform and/or mouth guard are part of your regular deal – all remaining equipment parts will have cost of uniform and /or mouth guard taken away from original amount. If you need only parts of equipment please ask your instructor about price, for example if you need only uniform etc.



  • Suiken Bugeikai (our main International style organization) Membership Fee (Per Year, due date at the end of December every year) – can be reviewed by Suiken Bugeikai on year by year basis – please notice all prices are in USD:
  1. Kids (14 years and under, before brown belt) – $20 USD
  2. Youth and Adults (15 years and up, before brown belt) – $35 USD
  3. Brown Belts (regardless of age) – $75 USD
  4. Black Belts – $100 USD

Note: Suiken Bugeikai membership is mandatory one, fee must be paid by students or their parents directly to organization at the end of December every year


  • Ontario Karate Federation Membership Fee (Per Year): “Parent’s responsible to renew every year”. Valid for 2020 (can be reviewed by OKF on year by year basis), due date is January every year.
  1. Kyu (Coloured) Belt Recreational: $50
  2. Kyu (Coloured) Belt Competitive: $50
  3. Black Belt Recreational: $50
  4. Black Belt Competitive: $50

Plus they charge administrative fee per each individual membership.

Note:  Ontario Karate Federation Membership fee is mandatory for all students.


  • Grading Fee:
  1. Testing fee – $20
  2. Patches only first time (school patch and Canadian flag patch) – $15
  3. New color belt, if needs to change after testing – $10
  4. Certificate which confirm your rank from our main organization (mandatory after green belt) – $15



If you will enroll 2 family members (on annual payment only) you will have 5% discount from entire amount of money (from both enrolled family members combined).

If you will enroll 3 and more family members (on annual payment only) you will have 10% discount from entire amount of money (from all enrolled family members combined).


Acceptable types of payment:

Cash, Money Order, Certified Cheque, Credit Card only (NO Debit or Visa Debit Crads) on site (for credit card onsite transaction we will have to surcharge you 2.65% per swipe),

Note: we can accept personal cheque only if you have history of payments with us, for example if you used certified cheque for 3 payments in row, we will consider to allow you to pay from 4 time and after using your personal cheques. 

All fees are non-refundable and non-adjustable.

******** First training session – FREE ********