Fees and Memberships


(from September 5, 2018)

*** First training session – FREE ***


Fees and payments

  • 12 months (annual term): $450
  1. First time only  – Uniform and mouth guard free.
  2. No admission fee.
  3. No testing fee (except for new belts, patches and certificate which are charged separately only if needed). Value of 20 CAD each time (testing available every 3 months – maximum 80 CAD per year).
  4. Family discount (if apply).


  • Month by month (monthly): $50 (paid bi-monthly)


  • Re-registration Fee: $35 – it will be charged only in case you stop training and want to resume it (if we have available spot), for example you skipped one 2 months term or more.


  • Single (one) Session Fee: $15


  • Private Session Fee  – 1 hour (location and schedule must be discussed with Instructor): $40 + HST (13 %)


  • Equipment: $260.00 (Uniform, 2 additional belts (red and blue), Gloves, Shinpad, Mouth Guard, Chest Guard, Groin guard). In case if uniform and/or mouth guard are part of your regular deal – all remaining equipment parts will have cost of uniform and /or mouth guard taken away from original amount. If you need only parts of equipment please ask your instructor about price, for example if you need only uniform etc.



  • Suiken Bugeikai (our main International style organization) Membership Fee (Per Year, due date at the end of December every year) – can be reviewed by Suiken Bugeikai on year by year basis – please notice all prices are in USD:
  1. Kids (14 years and under, before brown belt) – $20 USD
  2. Youth and Adults (15 years and up, before brown belt) – $35 USD
  3. Brown Belts (regardless of age) – $75 USD
  4. Black Belts – $100 USD

Note: Suiken Bugeikai membership is mandatory one, fee must be paid by students or their parents directly to organization at the end of December every year


  • Ontario Karate Federation Membership Fee (Per Year): “Parent’s responsible to renew every year”. Valid for 2019 (can be reviewed by OKF on year by year basis), due date is January every year.
  1. Kyu (Coloured) Belt Recreational: $30
  2. Kyu (Coloured) Belt Competitive: $45
  3. Black Belt Recreational: $40
  4. Black Belt Competitive: $60

Plus they charge administrative fee per each individual membership.

Note:  Ontario Karate Federation Membership fee is mandatory for all students.


  • Grading Fee:
  1. Testing fee – $20 (waived in cases of 12 (annual) months fee and starting from second year of training with us)
  2. Patches only first time (school patch and Canadian flag patch) – $15
  3. New color belt, if needs to change after testing – $10
  4. Certificate which confirm your rank from our main organization (mandatory after green belt) – $15



If you will enroll 2 family members (on annual payment only) you will have 5% discount from entire amount of money (from both enrolled family members combined).

If you will enroll 3 and more family members (on annual payment only) you will have 10% discount from entire amount of money (from all enrolled family members combined).



Acceptable types of payment:

Cash, Money Order, Certified Cheque, Credit Card only (NO Debit or Visa Debit Crads) on site (for credit card onsite transaction we will have to surcharge you 2.65% per swipe),

Note: we can accept personal cheque only if you have history of payments with us, for example if you used certified cheque for 3 payments in row, we will consider to allow you to pay from 4 time and after using your personal cheques. 

All fees are non-refundable and non-adjustable.

******** First training session – FREE ********