Welcome to Toronto Suiken Bugeikai Karate Family Centre website

We are glad to welcome you to our website and we hope you will join our Karate Family Centre soon. If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us through https://suikenbugeikai.org/contact/

or by phone 416-276-1932


IMPORTANT: Changes in our location schedule

IMPORTANT: Starting form today October 16, 2017 we have new schedule. You can check our Programs and Schedule page for updates and full schedule.

Some details: Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule will remain the same. The main changes are concerning Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday schedule. Due to new circumstances we will have only one Kinder Karate choice: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5.30 pm till 6.15 pm. Our Kids Karate: Beginners program will switch to start on Tuesday and Thursday at 6.00 pm and will end respectively at 7.10 pm. Our Family Karate program on the same days Tuesday and Thursday will start at 7.10 pm and end on 8.30 pm. Saturday schedule for both programs: Kids Karate: Beginners and Family Karate will remain the same as before. Kobudo (Weapons) program hours will move to 9.00 am.

Thank you for cooperation.

SPECIAL PROMOTION FROM SEPTEMBER 5 2017 (valid until further notice)


SPECIAL PROMOTION FROM SEPTEMBER 5 2017 (valid until further notice):

No Admission Fee on all types of payments (term and regular) for everyone who will join from September of 2017 (until further notice).

FREE Uniform with 6 and 12 months term fees (from September 2017 until further notice).

PARENT in FAMILY KARATE program – HALF of the regular price (family discount is not applying in this case)

First 2 training sessions – FREE

DISCOUNTS within this promotion:

Bring a friend who will enroll for 6 month term and get 5% discount

Bring a friend who will enroll for 12 months term and get 10% discount

Family discounts 10 % if you enroll 2 family members, 15 % if you enroll 3 and more family members (regular Family discounts can be checked below)

SALE: 1 (one) week FREE if you enroll with 3 months term, 2 (two) weeks FREE if you enroll with 6 months term, 1 (one) month FREE if you enroll with 12 months term

Note: All Sales, Discounts and Promotions applies for new students only

New 2017 Program: FAMILY KARATE – parents and kids practice together

At the end of 2016 we did a pilot trial testing to introduce new program FAMILY KARATE. That prove to be a great success. The FAMILY KARATE program is intended to have Kids and Parents practice Karate same time together. That made parents – children bonds more tighter and develop a deeper relationship with parents while both having fun (and not only fun) by practicing Karate together. That also helps Children to improve in Karate (respect, discipline, self defense, health etc) while Parents have a good workout to maintain their Health.

All who are interested to join that program can do that Tuesday and Thursday from 7.20 pm until 8.40 pm. We chose hours and schedule carefully to accommodate better time requirements for both parents who come from work (not too early) and kids who needs to go to sleep on time (not too late).

We hope to see you at our FAMILY KARATE program soon.