IMPORTANT: Toronto Suiken Bugeikai is now collaborating with York Centre Karate

As we announced earlier we are no longer collaborate with Welcome House and Welcome House’ projects like Toronto Karate Kids League. Also we actively asking our students to stop any collaboration with Welcome House.


As we promised earlier we announcing now that we start to collaborate with a new group York Centre Karate for which instructor Oleg Raileanu is also Chief Instructor.


Our training sessions already started on Sept 21, 2015 and take place at Herbert H Carnegie Centennial Centre (Arena) – 580 Finch Ave West. Mostly in Skaters Lounge at first floor.  We have training sessions Mondays and Thursdays, except statutory holidays on Mondays (for example Thanksgiving Day (Oct 12)), on those days we will have training session on Tuesday instead of Monday on the same week). Occasionally we will have training sessions at Silver Blade Room (second floor) on the same location


We have 2 groups:

1. Kids (7* -12 years) will start at 6.00 pm until 7.35 pm (1,5 hours).
2. Youths (and adults (volunteers)) (+13) 7.40 pm – 9.10 pm (1,5 hours).

* We accept 6 years old in kids group after a prior examination.


York Centre Karate is member of PSO – Karate Ontario.

IMPORTANT: Toronto Suiken Bugeikai no longer collaborate with Welcome House

Starting from September 2015, Toronto Suiken Bugeikai no longer collaborate with Welcome House (that for now include also Toronto Karate Kids League). That happen for various motifs which will not be made public for now.

Toronto Suiken Bugeikai will start to collaborate with different community group from Sept 14, 2015. Details will be provided later.